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Can you really play casino war online for real money? Is it a fair game?

What’s the sucker bet in casino war?

Question posted by: mel47wolf

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4 Responses to “Play casino war online for real money”

  1. Bill B Says:

    casino war

    is a great guide for someone looking to learn how to play casino war or for someone looking for a place to play.

    There is no “sucker” bet in this game that is truly awful, as it has no side bets with awful odds like some games.

  2. Juanita D Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    Here is a page about Casino War –

    You are correct my friend in your assumption that Casino War can be played online for real money.

  3. Slot Machines Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    Yes, Casino War can be played for real money online. In terms of whether or not the online casinos deal randomly from a 52 card deck, then yeah, it’s a fair game. In terms of whether or not you’re getting even odds, then no, it’s not.

    The house gets its advantage in Casino War from the situations where you have a push and go to war with the casino. To go to war you have to put up a second bet, and if you win, you still only win one bet. If you don’t put up a second bet to go to war, then you have to surrender and lose your original bet.

    So yeah, compared to poker, or video poker, or blackjack, where you can get an edge over the house, any bet at Casino War is a sucker bet. The house edge on Casino War is 2.88%.

  4. cow boy Says:


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