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is this a good gambling strategy at a casino? I do negative progression but i start with one dollar instead of the 5 to 10 dollars most table games want you to play…i start by playing the fruit/money wheel and put one dollar on cherry or 1 to 1 odds….if i lose i go to […]

What are the dimensions of casino playing cards? I have a job as a trainee in a casino and they said its ideal to practice at home. I know i need 100% plastic cards like in the casino, but what is the size of offical playing cards in UK casinos? I should of asked at […]

Can you really play casino war online for real money? Is it a fair game? What’s the sucker bet in casino war? Question posted by: mel47wolf This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

How do I join a casino table when its busy? matt94au asked:I recently went to a casino, and found most tables with low limits had every seat full and crowds standing around them. I am new to tables, so can anyone tell me what the go is here? Do you wait to be called in […]

Do any online casinos have the game Casino War? I am not so good at blackjack but there is one game that is pretty easy for me, Casino War. Is there a site where I can play this game online for money? Question posted by: Damian T This post powered by Yahoo! Answers

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