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is this a good gambling strategy at a casino?

I do negative progression but i start with one dollar instead of the 5 to 10 dollars most table games want you to play…i start by playing the fruit/money wheel and put one dollar on cherry or 1 to 1 odds….if i lose i go to 2 dollars on cherry or 1 to 1 odds (cause it’s about 47 or 48 percent of you hitting 1 to 1 odds) if i lose my two dollar bet i go to casino war which is a one card draw game and put 5 dollars on my third bet…..if i win i go back to the money/fruit wheel and start at the one dollar bet again once i have a winning hand in any of the games i mention…..i press my bet until i win one hand then i start with the initial one dollar bet…..i usually bring 160 bucks with me which gives me 7 times to lose 1, 2, 5, 10, 20, 40, 80….if i tie in casino war i do not go to war but take half back and then i press my bet the next hand and take the tie as a loss but if i win the next hand that tie return is an added bonus….i record the amount of money i made (25 to 75 hr)

Question asked by: breakingbenfan1980

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5 Responses to “is this a good gambling strategy at a casino?”

  1. Chewbacca Says:

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    The only way to leave Las Vegas with a small fortune is to go with a large one.

    Vegas wasn’t built by making winners.

  2. Adam S Says:

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    To quote almost every casino boss and owner in the world, “we want anyone in our casino who thinks they have a strategy to beat the casino.”

  3. sincity usa Says:

    casino war

    There is no game in a casino that you have an edge on. Casinos are built on the people who loss on there games, not win. Now every now and then you will see people hit the big jackpot, but that is to few and far between. As an example at the Sahara they have a 1954 classic car as its grand prize, and i can tell you that it has been there for more then 2 years and no one has won it yet, and I’m sure with the money won so far by the casino they could buy another 100 new cars. So any bet made in a casino has a negative expectation. So i do wish you luck but it is an uphill fight all the way.

  4. drsquearl Says:

    casino war

    Sry mate, there’s no substitution for skill games. If you play those chance games, you get a nice rush but have no control over if you win or lose.

    And that’s not all – luck plays a gigantic part in this strategy. If you start out winning, all you’re doing is upping the ante. It’s a classic gambler’s trap. If you win, you’re putting your winnnings and your bet in again for double or nothing and you risk going on an uncontrollable gambling rampage. If you lose consistantly or lose after making such a great run, you’re prone to go on tilt (which means you’ll do stupid stuff like bet lots on long-shots)

    This strategy works mathematically, but only if the odds are truly 1:1. Casinos never do that. Even in roulette, where you have red/black bets. Casinos add in the tricksy 0 and 00 slots to skew the odds in their direction.

    You’re better off gambling at something that requires skill on your part – or not gambling at all.

  5. Tank 64 Says:

    Caffeinated Content

    Is your strategy a winner? No, but it’s close. The big problem with it is long term.

    You win $1(ish) with each progression (each series of losing bets, followed by one winning bet.) As long as you never lose 7 bets in a row, you’ll end up winning money.

    The problem is, the odds of losing those bets (and you’re entire bankroll) is almost 1%, and since you’ll have to play MORE than 100 progressions to double-up, odds are that you’ll crap out the $160 BEFORE you can double it.

    In fact, I’m almost positive your LONG-TERM odds (chances of winning vs pay-off) on that strategy are actually WORSE than putting the whole $160 on ’17’ and letting the roulette wheel spin.

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